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Hi, I’m Nikki of WalkitoffNI. 

WalkitoffNI was born from a concentration of life experiences.   I realise the huge positive impact on well-being of just getting out the door and the life-changing and sustainable exercise that is walking.

I studied at UCLAN, have gained qualifications in Maths, 3 Languages, Business Administration and Economics, Nutrition, and Physiology and Anatomy.

Walking is a release and a relaxation, a constant connection to reality and peace.  Walking is an eco-friendly and low-impact but high-return activity proven to improve head health, heart health, fitness, bone-density, vitamin D and overall wellbeing. Walking is the way forward!

After a serious knee injury and post physio sessions, walking was the thing that reduced the frustration when I couldn’t manage my usual physical activities. My interest was sparked so I started researching it’s effects and its power to positively affect both physical and mental well-being. The knee is now back to full mobility and extension in spite of the surgeon’s dark mumblings and soon afterwards, the idea for WalkItOffNI was born!

In my lifetime, I have experienced many things, Au Pairing in France, Sailing from Iceland to Ireland, Hiking the Inca trail, the crazy life of an Underwriter in Lloyd’s of London in the ‘90s, the precious world of Film and Television, life in the surreal office of Ireland’s first Ibiza style superclub, life as a mother.

I’ve travelled half-way across the world, managed property, designed costumes for 70 odd performers, practiced yoga, pilates, Indian head massage, running, circus: performed in front of hundreds of people, become a volunteer for Belfast Community Circus, 90th Belfast Scouts and Northern Ireland’s first Quarry Sculpture Park, laughed a lot, cried enough.

WalkItOffNI, came out of all of this.

Join me to WalkItOff in NI.

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Your walkitoffni story

We get clear on your goals

I’d like to share my well-being walks with lots of different women. This is a list of some of the types of people who may enjoy walking it off with me. A great reason to connect, have a digital detox and just move!

New Mum

Post operative or recovering from an injury

Shift worker or Irregular working hours

Recently bereaved or separated

New to the area or just visiting

In town on business

On holiday & looking for an introduction to the area

Gardening leave, retirement

Unconfident – it’s a good way of exploring new walking locations to which you might return unaccompanied.

You can even gift a walk to someone who you think might like it use our Gift Vouchers

The walkitoffni story


In September 2019 I had an idea about Walks with destinations. Who doesn’t love a walk with a cuppa and a bun at the destination.
Walk it off NI Experiences was born..

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A Walk in the Park


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Hidden Huntley


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Nature Walk

with Dara McAnulty


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