He likes me!

It’s amazing what you discover when you walk with Walkitoffni. New friends!        


In the frenetic world of fitness apps and goal-setting, I make a space for women, for peace and for fresh air.  I provide the motivation to be outside, to just move, and breathe, in company. Walkitoffni.com, the UK’s and Ireland’s first companion walking project.  No pressure, no goals, just a space for you to walk….

Still sunny!

Explored the wonderful Redburn Country Park this morning. I was looking for height and cardio work. I got it! Incredible views over Belfast and sun-kissed streams amongst the dappled forest kept me going and I climbed a skyscraper to get there. Walkitoff with me! Contact nikki@walkitoffni.com It’s time to book your Walkout!        

My kind of Sky

Get out! Get out! It’s gorgeous and it’s hot. Walkitoff with me nikki@walkitoffni.com 😎        

#kickstartabusinessday with Belfast City Council

I had seen this advertised and mentally filed it away as a “must be done” event. When I came to look for the details this am though, could I find it?! Nowhere to be seen! I had to eventually scroll back through my twitter feed for 10 mins before I found it. Come on @belfastcc,…

Today’s Mantra: Explore More!

Not a park I know well but another one which is within a ‘beagle’s gowl’ Irish colloquialism (15 min cab ride) of the City centre in the shadow of Belfast’s famous cranes, Samson and Goliath and right next to City Airport. Victoria Park information. Tucked between the docks and the burbs, the bird life here…

There’s no day like a snow day to Walkitoff in NI. (Xmas – Part Deux)

It’s all about the clothing (again). Boots, gloves, coats and sledges….. Snowmageddon? It’s Christmas Part Two! Snowballs, sledges and even Swans a Swimming! After our snowy shenanigans we are channeling Swedish aprés-ski chez nous. The fondue set is out and the fire is blazing. Steak, prawns and chicken all ready to dip into gently boiling…

Kissed by the morning sun!

We’ve all heard the forecasts of Siberian Shiver but look out of your window then get out of your door! The sun is splitting the trees and the birds think it’s Sprung! Walkitoff!

The Glory of the North

Half term breakaway! With fabulous friends we made it to the North. Stunning vistas in freezing conditions. Walkingitoff in NI never looked so good! Where we walked. Where we stayed Where we lunched. A dog friendly hotel, The Fullerton Arms in Ballintoy is a real find. Great atmosphere, great food and super location. We’ll be…


I thought I’d describe a sample walk. Remember, here at Walkitoffni you set your own goals (or not!) At Walkitoffni, it is all about you 😊. I used Runkeeper (a fitness app) and screenshot it so that you get visual information and some stats based on my age/weight statistics. Lady Dixon park is a lovely…