expected them to be filthy tricksy Gobbinses but actually the only thing that made them harder than a usual walk was the steep descent at the start (and ascent of the same at the end). We attempted to book last year but rock falls closed the route so excitement was high when we finally got tickets. The sea spray was glorious and views dramatic. The guide painted a colourful picture of the Gobbins’ Victorian heyday when they were incredibly popular with day-trippers and locals who brought picnics and families to “take the air”. I adored being so close to the sea on the rocky paths, smoothed by ancient waves thrashing their skins. Gannets pierced the sea around us with deadly accuracy, their bulk shrunk into daggers by their ingenious origami wings. A porpoise flashed a glimpse amongst the whitecaps and the salty air tasted wonderful. A super piece of engineering and imagination which will entice locals and tourists alike.

This incredible place is just 45 mins out of Belfast. Walks are ticketed and shoes checked for appropriateness. Hard hats, water and lockers are provided (bags, food etc are not allowed as it is an SSSI and some areas are a tight squeeze) Groups are limited to 10 and min height is 1.2m (there are uneven steps whose height varies) Unsuitable for wheelchairs and those who are physically infirm.


Walkitoffni trips can be organised by prior arrangement so why don’t you contact me, nikki@walkitoffni.com and I’ll Walkitoff in NI with you. Ciao for now, Nikki



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