Newcastle, Ouseburn, Gosforth, Walk, shadows, jugglingThis weekend I flew away to Newcastle upon Tyne to have fun with my Bestie. Drove straight from work to Belfast International, sun beating in my window and wind ruffling my hair as I sang at the clouds. The flight was full and complete with an even number of stags and hens, off for some opportunistic fun and full of mischief (but blissfully, not too full of booze). Hop, skip and a jump later, we landed. Wonderful cuddles from Bestie and mini-she and we were off into our weekend of mirth.  Tea, chat and a liberal supply of authentic @pizzeriafrancesca calamari eased me into my stride. Lots of small-person activities happened, interspersed with coffees, croissants, dappled Gosforth and Jesmond streets and a heck of a lot of catching up.  Saturday we walked it off all the way to the lovely Ouseburn area. Totally hip district under the arches. Drank a couple of deliciously cool beers while showing off my (minimal) juggling skills to an impressed total beginner. The small people ran about in and out of the shadows, energy undiminished by swimming and tai-kwondo. Uber tripped to an anniversary party in central suburbia – a surprise oasis of green which included a newly-built yurt, oodles of lawn, a freshly lit fire and loads of happy people. Spent a few hours relaxing into the new group and enjoying a fabulous curry buffet before Ubering back to the small people party. There was a lot of cheesy singing and dancing. Cake and candles followed and home-time eventually loomed out of the moonlit sky.  All of a sudden, Monday is here again! Ready to walkitoff with me? Email me to arrange it!  

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