This week the drama of the chairs caused me to seriously need to Walkitoff in NI. Before the replacement arrived I knew they were sending me the wrong one. AGAIN! Mine is a discontinued line and I love it but I know we got the last chairs in Ireland. Despite numerous emails and 30 week wait, they still don’t get it! I’m going to send them photos again….. The lovely Andreah from customer service called me yesterday. She was off during the most recent drama but I trust she will keep me from total Chairmageddon! Being ballet exam taxi on Wednesday meant that I was there in time for coffee at The Fat Gherkin, my favourite Moira Café. Thanks @thefatgherkin.

Walked it off with my fabulous coffee in the beautiful Moira Demesne. Oh and the rain! Monsoon season is here! Thursday was an absolute washout. And polling day. Miserable! Perfect day for polling, paperwork and domesticity. No intention of walking it off in NI today! Lovely Ruth @dejavu kept me entertained on Friday.  Impromptu BBQ for 12 on Saturday night. Started off with a pop, l do love bubbles. Seriously good BBQ skills on show (not me!) and wonderful food and craic with friends.Topped off with copious wine and interesting (i.e. yeuch) craft beer. ( The following day I watched a good friend walk it off from the roof of the Europa hotel! No, by that time I was completely sober! It was real! All in aid of Action Mental Health. Talk about brave!!

Post abseil we chilled out watching the powerful Wonder Woman 2017. Time for martial arts training?   Start with @walkitoffni and who knows where you will end up! Contact me nikki@walkitoffni to plan the first stage. Ciao for now, Nikki.

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