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Nikki Elliott-Eternal optimist, Walking Experience Designer and founder of Walk It Off NI. The UK and Ireland’s first #Peoplewalker.

After 11 years in the city of London and working as a Lloyds Underwriter,  I know the stress you get from working in a high-intensity environment.  
Having worked in Dublin and travelled extensively for business in France and Europe I really understand why walking works.
Creates bespoke small-group walking events. Loves Lagan Valley, walking, food and the outdoors. Dabbles in aerial arts on the side (trapeze, silks, rope). Walk into another world with Walk It Off NI, at your pace, your place, your time.

Walking is a release and a relaxation, a constant connection to reality and peace.  Walking is an eco-friendly and low-impact but high-return activity proven to improve head health, heart health, fitness, bone-density, vitamin D and overall wellbeing.

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Did you Know ?

Our bootprint logo is based on the road map around the Lagan Valley where we are based, with Belfast and Lisburn city centres at each end.