In my lifetime, I have experienced many things, Au Pairing in France, Sailing from Iceland to Ireland, the crazy life of an Underwriter in Lloyd’s of London in the ‘90s, the precious world of Film and Television, life in the surreal office of Ireland’s first Ibiza style superclub, life as a mother.

Studied Maths, 3 Languages, Management, Business and Economics, Nutrition, Indian Head Massage.

Travelled half-way across the world, managed property, designed costumes for 70 odd performers, practiced yoga, pilates, running, circus: performed in front of hundreds of people, become a volunteer for Belfast Community Circus and Northern Ireland’s first Quarry Sculpture Park, laughed a lot, cried enough.

Throughout, walking has been a release and a relaxation, a constant connection to reality and peace.  After a serious knee injury and post physio sessions, walking was the thing that reduced the frustration when I couldn’t manage my usual physical activities. The knee is now back to full mobility and extension in spite of the surgeon’s dark mumblings! Join me to walkitoff in NI.

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