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This page contains logos, photos and text to use when referring to Walk it Off NI online or in print. 

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Wioni Words

50 words – About WALK IT OFF NI

Walk It Off NI is an exceptional experience designer nestled within the picturesque Lagan Valley Regional Park. With a passion for creating unforgettable adventures, they specialise in crafting unique walking experiences that immerse participants in the beauty of nature and local produce offering personal growth and discovery. Prepare to be captivated.

250 words – About WALK IT OFF NI

Walk It Off NI is an extraordinary experience designer located in the stunning Lagan Valley Regional Park. With a deep appreciation for the outdoors, they specialize in curating exceptional walking experiences that take participants on unforgettable journeys through nature’s wonders. Their mission is to connect people with the beauty of the natural world while fostering personal growth and discovery.

One of the distinctive features of Walk It Off NI is their strong relationship with local artisan foods. They believe in supporting the local community and showcasing the unique culinary delights of the region. During their walking experiences, participants have the opportunity to explore the landscape while also indulging in delicious, locally sourced food. Whether it’s a picnic by a tranquil river or a hearty meal at a charming countryside cafe, Walk It Off NI ensures that every culinary experience is a memorable part of the adventure.

Another key aspect that sets Walk It Off NI apart is their gentle emphasis on digital detox. In today’s hyper-connected world, they recognize the importance of taking a break from screens and immersing oneself in the present moment. Their walking experiences offer a chance to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature and oneself. Participants are encouraged to embrace the tranquility of the surroundings, engage in mindful activities, and foster genuine connections with fellow walkers.
Walk It Off NI’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every experience is carefully curated to provide a harmonious blend of nature, adventure, and personal rejuvenation. They are passionate about the local flora, fauna, and history of the area, enriching the experience with insightful stories and fascinating facts.

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Lady Dixon Park