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In the frenetic world of fitness apps and goal-setting, I make a space for women, for peace and for fresh air.  I provide the motivation to be outside, to just move, and breathe, in company., the UK’s and Ireland’s first companion walking project.  No pressure, no goals, just a space for you to walk….

If you do just one thing this year, make it outdoors.

‘Have the spirit to start again from this moment’. Support your own #health with a daily walk in #nature. Walk It Off NI offers one-to-one #peoplewalking sessions (walking beside you at your #pace, your #place, your #time). We also curate #walking #experiences connecting you with the extraordinary people and places of Northern Ireland. #hny2020 #inspiringchange…

New! *Experiences!

Click here to book! Exciting Times Join Nikki of Walk It Off NI for a Curated Walking Experience, opening your eyes to what lies under our noses, hidden from view, every day. Connecting you with the extraordinary people, places and experiences that our countryside has to offer. Explore the beautiful Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon…

Hidden Huntley

Hidden Huntley – a unique experience. Join a curated walk to a beautiful destination off the beaten track…

#Summer season of #Colour

Summer is the season of #colour. Experience it slowly, experience it #walking, truly breathe it in.

Why #Walk? Why #Move?

You know it’s a problem when Edinburgh University is looking for students for a masters degree studying the physical inactivity ‘pandemic’. We are spending more and more time ‘at work’ and ‘connected’ to our digital devices. Our view of physical activity is tied to its ease to measure and promote e.g. how much we’ve burned,…

Food! (Is it lunchtime yet?!)

I am a fan of food. A huge fan! It keeps me happy, nourished and healthy-it also keeps my moods well-balanced. (I have the potential to get ‘hangry’ if I don’t eat on time – ask the family…) I remember my Mum passing batches of freshly made scones slathered with butter through the hatch of…

Make a #walk part of your day.

Science is continuing to prove that the simple act of regular walking is fantastic for your health. I am a huge advocate of just getting out the door. Once you are out there, look around and notice the small things. Like birdsong. The birds are going nuts at the moment-they think it’s Spring already. Such…

Walkitoffni Interview 7.1.19

I wrote a piece on the birth of Walkitoffni for the marvellous @NITrekking please have a read and share if you like 😊