What’s going on at Walk It Off NI?

During the Walk It Off NI experiences, we walk! Distances vary but 5k is the popular distance, we walk a circular route, which is paused for a lovely local lunch, relax and a bit of a chat with an extraordinary local in an extraordinary place.

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In the frenetic world of fitness apps and goal-setting, I make a space for women, for peace and for fresh air.  I provide the motivation to be outside, to just move, and breathe, in company. Walkitoffni.com, the UK’s and Ireland’s first companion walking project.  No pressure, no goals, just a space for you to walk….

Hidden Huntley – Springing into Life.

‘Hidden Huntley – Springing into Life’ Great to hear all the news from Antonia! She is the Walk It Off NI Collaborator Extraordinaire from the Hidden Huntley Experience! Wonderful to remember that despite lockdown life goes on, nature is having a ball and Walk It Off NI looks forward to Walk, Eat and Connect safely…

Kindness Is Catching!

This situation is unlike any other we have experienced and it’s simultaneously a collective and an individual reaction, changing all the time and people are responding in unexpectedly generous ways. The only sure thing is that we are all going to be changed by this. After being completely overwhelmed by fear at the start of…

BOOK NOW ‘Active Creation’

Join Walk It Off NI for a new Walking Experience, opening your eyes to what lies under our noses, hidden from view, every day, connecting you with the extraordinary people and places of Lagan Valley. #WALK Through the beautiful Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park with the UK and Ireland’s first #Peoplewalker. Wander through the…

A Birthday Like No Other

It’s my Mum’s birthday. I haven’t seen her in over a week and the news has been terrifying us all. She and Dad are self-isolating. I wanted us to meet for dinner so much (she makes me feel safe, it would feel normal). But she is anxious and she is right to be. I have…

Walk It Off NI on TrekNI

Welcome to Walk It Off NI, the UK and Ireland’s first one-to-one #Peoplewalker and designer of Small group, Curated Walking Experiences. Walk. Eat. Connect. More than a Walk. At Walk It Off NI we are passionate about the power of walking outside in nature to enhance creativity and strengthen physical and mental fitness and resilience….

If you do just one thing this year, make it outdoors.

‘Have the spirit to start again from this moment’. Support your own #health with a daily walk in #nature. Walk It Off NI offers one-to-one #peoplewalking sessions (walking beside you at your #pace, your #place, your #time). We also curate #walking #experiences connecting you with the extraordinary people and places of Northern Ireland. #hny2020 #inspiringchange…