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Walk it Off NI Presents 'Hidden Huntley'

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We’re using what3words

Have you heard about What3Words? A genius worldwide map using words and satellite imagery to find you down to a 3 metre square!  It is brilliant for specifying precise locations where there are no specific addresses! Perfect for meeting points for our walks. Here at Walk It Off NI we care about keeping you safe but also about making finding us simple! 

For each of our walks, we will add the 3 word locator from what3words to the Meeting Point information.  Just put the words into the app and it will take you directly to my 3 metre square! Ta Dah!

The Hidden Huntley Walking and Artisan Food Tour meeting point 3 words are salsa.shark.discrepancy

The Threads and Breads Walking and Traditional NI Picnic meeting point are pools.link.entire

Find out the what 3 words of your favourite chair, it’s fun!
(Download the app here)

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