At the end of January I joined the lovely Nikki for her fabulous ‘Hidden Huntley’ experience. Nikki and I connected through social media a few years ago, as is commonplace these days, and regularly support one another’s work, but have never actually met in person until a few weeks ago. Finally, a date suited and…

A Wonderful Experience!

This afternoon was beautiful. The Huntley walled garden is stunning, even on the edge of winter. Thank you for inviting me. x Marnie Kennedy

The Huntley walled garden is stunning

Phone pics only today with all the rain but it was such a great day! We walked through Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon park to Dunmurry and on to Huntley and its impressive gardens and took a lovely pause… then walked back again! This is the first of @walkitoffni’s curated walking experiences – go follow…

A lovely pause

Thanks so much for inviting Manfred and me on your inaugural walk- we were honoured to be included and really enjoyed ourselves and the company of your friends yesterday.  Probably the most fun I have had whilst walking in the rain! Susan McDowell

The most fun I have had in the rain

Nikki that was Super! Maria McGrogan


A Wonderful Mindful Experience. Thank you to Niki and Antonia for a lovely experience. The walk off the beaten track into Thomas and Lady Dixon park was beautiful in the autumn colours. It’s so relaxing to be led by someone who knows where they’re going. It allows you to fully switch off and enjoy each step….

A wonderful mindful experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hidden Huntley experience with Nikki. We spent a glorious morning walking through the woods taking in autumn in all its amazing beauty, chatting and getting to know my fellow walkers. We were then treated to a feast of fresh soup, breads, cheeses and sweet delights from the lovely Antonia at Huntley…

A great way to spend a few hours

Nikki took us through the park at an invigorating healthy pace stopping occasionally as she pointed out things of interest of the history of the park. Our small group never stopped chatting enthusiastically as we walked through parts of the park I personally have never seen before….It was a lovely experience and great company and…

A truly delightful trek

Nikki I have been meaning and meaning to email you since last week and I’ve just closed down my machine for the night and so I’m now texting!!!! It was just to say a huge thank you for last Thu and so sorry not to have done so sooner. But the happy memories have lingered…

All in all a really uplifting experience

I can’t recommend WalkItOffNI enough! It gives you the space to just breathe and be free. I have walked with Nikki twice and each time I have left feeling refreshed and less weighed down. There’s absolutely no pressure, all controlled by you. So you can decide the pace, the walking trail, and what you talk…

I can’t recommend WalkItOffNI enough!