It’s Cop26 week. Do you want to recycle, reduce the use of plastics, and respect mother nature? On Holiday too? Walk It Off NI shares 8 ways to a #greener #holiday. Small changes that make a big difference to the environment, the local economy and your own wellbeing. A real local’s guide to greening.

1 Bring a reusable bottle ?

Travelling makes me thirsty. If I drink bottled water then the plastic mountain gets bigger. Bring your favourite reusable bottle on holiday. It will also save you money.?

2 Walk , Cycle, Swim or Sail.🚶🏽‍♀️🚲👩🏿‍🦽🏊🏽‍♀️ ⛵️

The second of my 8 ways to a #greener #holiday is to Include human-powered activities.  A great way to reduce emissions and brilliant for your own health. Cycling, walking, wild swimming and sailing have become really popular here so make the most of these opportunities on your next trip to Northern Ireland.  

We have a stunning coastline with amazing walking and cycling routes, beautiful beaches and great sailing all just a few minutes out of the city but a world away from the hustle.

Capital cities like Belfast and Dublin encourage their locals and tourists to take a bike tour or walking tour to enjoy the cities in a sustainable and fun way – why not try it out!

Use Belfast Bikes to get to and from Lady Dixon Park when you join Nikki on the Hidden Huntley walking and artisan food experience or to Malone House to join her on the Threads and Breads Walking and Food Tour.

Don’t forget, all these activities also have a fabulous side-effect – they are mindful, energising and immerse you in your destination, improving your own physical and mental wellbeing!

3. Eat Local and Choose Experiences over More Stuff!

Do you look for traditional dishes when you go visit new destinations? A big part of discovering a new destination is treating your tastebuds to local delicacies

If you choose the Hidden Huntley walking and artisan food tour you are not only contributing to a local business which is keeping family heritage alive, you are eating an artisanal, home-grown and home-cooked lunch in a private garden, with the owner herself. Now who’s going green?!

Trying local dishes is a form of eco-tourism! (yay!) On the Walk It Off NI Hidden Huntley tour the food on your plate comes from the organic garden surrounding you.  Your food’s journey is in inches rather than food miles!  

Choose experiences over buying more stuff. Our best memories are about the people we share them with.

Stay local too! Choose a locally owned, unique hotel like the Harrison – avoid the generic, huge, chain hotels that pop up in every city, get the distinctive neighbourhood flavour!

4. Leave No Trace!

A trip to the Lagan Valley Regional Park and its beautiful, natural, environs can be the best of times. Especially if it is litter free.

How can you help?  Take your rubbish home, bin it and use eco sunscreen (yes, we do get sun in NI! 🌞)

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

5. Try Public Transport 

Live like the locals and opt for public transport as much as possible. In cities like Belfast, Lisburn, Derry and Dublin, public transport is a necessity for thousands of people. All these people are helping to reduce pollution (it’s also a pretty inexpensive way to travel)

If you are in Belfast visiting the city or the Titanic Museum or maybe you want to head to the Threads and Breads Walking and Food Tour. Make your way there either on foot or by bike and via the bus or rail network. Ask for directions, we are a pretty friendly bunch over here.

6. Do Not Disturb the Animals

If you are real nature lovers and are addicted to exploring the more remote places I am sure you will respect the animals. Both wild and domesticated can be full of attitude.

If you are thinking of exploring the Mourne Mountains please let someone local know where you are going, the weather here is famed for its’ speed to change.

7. Buy Artisan Souvenirs

Did you know that handmade products are more ecological? If you do buy something as souvenirs for your friends and family back home, buy these. In doing so you’re helping the local economy and reducing pollution. It’s a win-win!

In #Belfast St Georges Market has a fantastic selection of local food and artisanal produce. We are Born and Bred sources locally produced souvenirs, including food, art and clothing. 

The Vault has a host of magnificent artists and performers who perform unique shows locally and worldwide, well worth booking up before your visit.

We have it Wrapped up in Castle Court is another fantastic location to purchase locally made and unique gifts. The Good Food and Wine Company make up amazing locally-made hampers! The Refill Quarter on the Lisburn Road sells goods by weight and you can bring your own reusable containers. Sustainable, local AND ecologically sound.

What are your 8 ways to a #Greener #Holiday?

8. Reusable Bags

It is easy to bring a little shopping bag with you, they can often be super-attractive and fit neatly in your pocket.

I hope you enjoyed the Walk It Off NI 8 Ways to a #Greener #Holiday.

This list is by no means exhaustive, just some lovely places that easily come to mind from personal experience. Let me know if you try them or have any you would recommend yourself, message

If you would like to see what Discoverni say about me, read more about Walk It Off NI here. Speak soon, Nikki

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