A Day to Celebrate

17th March was unusual this year in that we had no family gatherings or celebrations, however something special was in the air at Hidden Huntley.  

Firm Friends

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a wonderful company, Explore54, through owner Martina McKee and her husband Trevor. This friendship culminated in me connecting them with Antonia at Hidden Huntley for a St Patrick’s Day launch of their beautiful canvas bell tents. The event coincided perfectly with the relaunch of Huntley as HiddenHuntley.com  (named after my Walk It Off NI Hidden Huntley Experience!).   

Sun, Food and Fun!

The sun shone, the sky was blue and we couldn’t have wished for a better day! The fabulous tents were set up in the grounds and dressed by Antonia and her lovely sister Julia (of Gourmet-Feast – talented family!) who also prepared an incredible afternoon tea. 

Floral Abundance

Another talented friend, florist Suzy-Florestina, used flowers, trees and cuttings from both wild and cultivated plants within the Huntley gardens. She made the most incredible and opulent displays whose brightly coloured containers really let the flowers sing.  

Perfect Timing for an Outdoor Photo Shoot!

I had a photo shoot booked at Huntley with the brilliant Gillian Robb photography. Whilst darting around having my socially-distanced shots done, I was perfectly distracted by this smorgasbord of beauty.  I took a few shots and I’m just so proud of them as well as those that Gillian took of me.  The table laden with the most exquisite patisserie looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland.   

Would you like to visit Hidden Huntley with Walk It Off NI?

 Join me on the Walk It Off NI Hidden Huntley Experience.  Walk with me off the beaten track, explore this private, hidden gem and eat a seasonal artisan lunch in this fabulous location. 


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