I had seen this advertised and mentally filed it away as a “must be done” event. When I came to look for the details this am though, could I find it?! Nowhere to be seen! I had to eventually scroll back through my twitter feed for 10 mins before I found it. Come on @belfastcc, get your social media sorted! (So many brilliant speakers and business helpers, so few attendees!)

Had a few interesting and fruitful discussions with Core Consulting, The Human Rights Commission, The Foundry and Danske Bank in the lulls between the brilliant presentations from inspirational business gurus. First up was the fabulous Lindsay Rooney of Studio Souk, giving us a guided tour of the pitfalls and perks of being a creative businesswoman surviving massive change. I love Studio Souk, it’s a genius idea.

Next up The Itty Bitty Book Co. A lovely idea! Promoting positivity via eco-friendly and sustainable mini-books and cards. Astra and Al gave up everything and started the business shortly after their first child was born. Now that is optimism! I was lucky enough to speak with both Al and Astra and they are as positive as their Spiel but also honest about the dark days they had on the way. Their mantra now is: ‘know your weaknesses’. It often takes time to learn them. The last speaker was equally as inspiring and down to earth. Came across as as single minded (as a couple!) as the first two speakers. Their success started with a majorly lucky break here at St George’s Market. One of the Hastings brothers tasted the Just Live a Little granola and instantly ordered it for all of his hotels. Jill was still working full time and the parent of 2 kids so that was an interesting time! Subsequently both she and her husband gave up the day job and took on the twenty-four hour a day job of self-employment. By all accounts it hasn’t been easy but their success is stellar. Even Waitrose wants a piece.

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