We went for a trial run, exploratory, fact-finding mission, definitely just looking not choosing, to the Assisi animal sanctuary. We had been planning it since we bought the house 2 years ago and after finally moving in and securing the garden, we started the process of adoption. As we all sat in the car we agreed that we absolutely and categorically would not fall for the first dog we saw and that we may need many trips to discover the friend who would be suited to our space, lifestyle and walking needs.

Luna the Lab sleeping soundly
Luna the Lab sleeping soundly

We gathered ourselves, unlocked the entry gate and entered. To our left was a beautiful collie cross puppy. All of our eyes immediately locked onto his beauty, spirit and happy, energetic jumps. He ticked the boxes (short hair, medium-sized, smart..) We asked breathlessly, is he available?! No! Reserved! Gah!

Oh well, sure it’s a first trip and we were really looking for a dog of 3 or so, one that is house-trained. So then we filled out our form and were met and vetted by one of the trained rehoming staff. She had two suitable dogs. We decided against the five year-old so it was down to one. We met her. Blindsided. She is perfect. Immediate rush of love. Gorgeous gorgeous dog. Reserved then and there! After several wonderful walks, a home visit, 2 surgeries and a two and a half hour car journey (she hardly even grumbled), our beautiful Luna is home. Family member number four. A fur-covered rug of love. Adopt don’t shop. X

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