I thought I’d describe a sample walk. Remember, here at Walkitoffni you set your own goals (or not!) At Walkitoffni, it is all about you ?. I used Runkeeper (a fitness app) and screenshot it so that you get visual information and some stats based on my age/weight statistics. Lady Dixon park is a lovely varied terrain in which to walk so I followed the yellow Woodland route. Click on this link for in-depth Info on Woodland Walk It started out dry but there were just enough showers to turn my straightened hair into frizz! The pace was quick enough to make my breathing fast and shallow (didn’t think to check my heart rate but if you are interested I’ll do that for you the next time) At the end of the Woodland walk I stopped the clock at the car park in Lady Dixon itself and then picked up the pace for the 6 mins back to the Drumbeg Car park, just to give you an idea of the speed of a brisk walking pace. So, in just over an hour I walked a total of 2.8 miles and expended 268 calories but not only that, I saw snowdrops shaking their heads at the cold, daffodils stretching and about to burst into flower, pink Camellia shocking against the green and heard the birds trilling their joy. Walkingitoff in NI. It’s so much more. Join me nikki@walkitoffni.com and we’ll walk it your way.

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