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Today’s Mantra: Explore More!

Not a park I know well but another one which is within a ‘beagle’s gowl’ Irish [...]

There’s no day like a snow day to Walkitoff in NI. (Xmas – Part Deux)

[wpvideo fOyobp2v ]It’s all about the clothing (again). Boots, gloves, coats and sledges….. Snowmageddon? It’s [...]

Kissed by the morning sun!

We’ve all heard the forecasts of Siberian Shiver but look out of your window then [...]

The Glory of the North

Half term breakaway! With fabulous friends we made it to the North. Stunning vistas in [...]


I thought I’d describe a sample walk. Remember, here at Walkitoffni you set your own [...]

February freezes in…

Brrrrrrrrr it’s a tad chilly out there. It takes a few layers and a bit [...]

Ciao January!

A month where you crave sofas and easy chairs but no! A month for walking [...]

Our golden girl

Our golden girl. Adopt don’t shop!

If you do one thing this week join the Connect Programme!

All we could do was grin and nod at each other, hands over our ears- [...]

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