This week Im dipping my toes in ‘Fabulous places slightly out of town but eminently reachable by car’. (Rolls off the tongue, eh?) 25 mins out of Belfast you discover the beautiful Antrim Castle Gardens. With their unique and pond-life rich canals, gloriously archy bridge (ahem, archy=technical term), sun-dappled river, Oriel Art gallery, coffee shop area in a light-filled quad, perfect poo sticks bridge, a mere 1.1 mile stroll to the largest stretch of fresh water in Ireland, a Motte; its path swirling to it’s peak, ancient sculpture and leafy woodland, the area has plenty going for it! (Slap bang next to Antrim Forum, there’s even a ladies pleasure garden)

*I’ll travel if you want to Walkitoff somewhere new in NI so contact me and we’ll Walkitoff in NI together!

I look forward to walking it off with you! Nikki

*extra charge may apply for out-of-Belfast walks.

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