Sports Day happened on the rainiest day of the year.  How typical is that?  The temperature had fallen by 10 degrees that day and I was amazed they still did it.  The teacher on the mike was great at inspiring the kids and making them laugh and they all had boundless energy, joyful little clouds of steam puffed around each child like diver’s helmets. A lesson learned in not making excuses to stay in when it is wet.  Everything was glossy and slick, shining with life.  I walked it off with the aid of an umbrella and had to rack my brains as to the last time I had had to do so. In Belfast!  Northern Ireland!  Weeks of rain-free walking all over the place.  Not only rain-free but generally sun kissed. Good for the body and for the soul.  I was super proud of my friend and her daughter framing up their artworks and displaying them in a gallery at  Superb work in a beautifully lit historic venue. Walk it off with me, no need to be rain-free.  À bientôt, Nikki :).  

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