I am excited to announce that Walk it Off NI is now offering Gift Vouchers for sale. Gift a voucher, share an experience with your nearest and dearest! Direct to your inbox! Valid for 1 year and available in denominations of £20.

Spring Special Offer for the Hidden Huntley Experience!!

Why Choose a Walk It Off NI Experience?

Choose making memories over buying more stuff! Our best memories are about the people we share them with. Walk It Off NI led experiences are all small-group, giving you time to #connect with each other as well as your guide. We eat delicious food together, leading to laughter and conversation.

Is Buying Local and #Handmade Sustainable?

Did you also know that handmade products are more #ecological? If you do buy souvenirs for your #friends, buy artisan and local. In doing so you’re helping the local economy and reducing pollution. It’s a win-win!

How about Traditional Food?

Do you look for traditional dishes when you go visit new destinations? A big part of discovering a new destination is treating your tastebuds to local delicacies. Local delicacies will be made with produce easily grown nearby, limiting food miles and supporting your neighbours.

Trying indigenous foods is a form of Eco-Tourism!

If you choose the Hidden Huntley #walking and artisan food tour you are not only contributing to a local business which is keeping family heritage alive, you are eating a home-grown and home-cooked lunch in a private garden, with the owner herself. Now who’s going green?!

At the Walk It Off NI Threads and Breads experience, the food in your picnic is made less than 50 yards away!

The Hillsborough Royal Brew experience introduces you to the village history of a family run original coaching inn. As well as tasting a brew unique to this place, you eat specially-prepared tapas – paired with the beers you sample.

Walking in nature boosts your wellbeing so consider our experiences the healthy choice!

Walk It Off NI. Always more than a walk.

To see what experiences we are running at the moment click here bio.link/walkitoffni

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