Strange Days

Hi! Living in strange days aren’t we? Six weeks in and I’ve been through the disbelief stage, from terrible fear for family and friends to the ‘how do I pivot my just-launched walking experience business when no-one is going out and the potential for travel is reduced to zero whilst also keeping people safe????) To whit, after a few deep breaths and a substantial amount of work, I have been organising some excellent up and coming experiences, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Power of the Daily Walk

Walking has such power to de-stress us, connect us and improve our health but never has it been as important as now. The 3 of us plus the dog, get out every day for at least an hour. We average 5 miles per day walking a circuit from our front door.


At the start, we believed we knew every path, nook and cranny but we were wrong! We have found wonderful ways to vary our routes through the local scenery that I can’t wait to share with you. We have all witnessed ‘firsts’ in natural events (I saw my first baby squirrel, the others, their first Kingfisher!) whilst in #Lockdown. Once the rhythm of our walking and the power of the environment we pass through, has worked its magic and sloughed off our daily worries, weird dreams or niggling irritations, we cover the minutiae of daily life along with wonderful shared memories, random facts and hopes for the future.


So many more people now are out walking together and discovering their areas anew, its incredibly hopeful for #nature, #health and #community and the link between all three has definitely been getting stronger during lock down. Kindness is king, walking is life.

This is my #lockdown story and as a wise person said, we are all in the same storm but in different types of vessel.


Join me! On my curated walking experiences. We walk outside in nature, engaging with the beauty, connecting with each other and eating delicious local food, I can also create an experience just for you! Contact me via Instagram: @walkitoffni, LinkedIn: Nikki Elliott , Facebook: @walkitoffni and Twitter @walkitoffni or email for details.

I’d love to hear how your #lockdown is going so message me on any of the platforms above with your tips for keeping sane ?.

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