Have you noticed that the speed you walk varies with your mood and energy? Do you ever think about looking around and how much effect just pausing and taking in your surroundings can have on how you feel? I often think of the days I rushed into work, blindly worrying about delayed transport and being late, the meetings I had set up or phone calls I didn’t want to make, and what mood the team would be in. I rarely managed to look up. Never once did I stop for fear of upsetting someone else’s day! My own welfare was somehow less important than everyone else’s. How sad is that?!

Kingfisher Mondays

When you are on holiday do you notice that you walk more slowly, chat more, and look around at new environments, taking in the differences? Don’t leave it until the holidays! Every day things are different in small ways. Start to notice those differences, pause, take a breath, feel glad just to be here. You may be surprised at how different you feel!

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