Rest and relaxation can be hard won but they are so vital for physical and mental rejuvenation that you MUST schedule them in. Think of how you feel at your best and at your worst. How often is it due to lack of sleep when you are at your worst? Think back and count the hours. Lack of sleep is incredibly detrimental to your mental wellbeing. So detrimental in fact that has been used as a form of torture! Even if you can’t get to sleep, a few minutes deep breathing, walking on the beach or in the fresh air can make a big difference however if you can just switch off your phone and get away from everyone and everything for twenty minutes at least, sleep makes a massive difference. The mountains of jobs you could not countenance before, become little molehills than you can tick off with a smile on your face a mere 20 minutes of sleep later. Do yourself a favour, get some rest. X Sleep Research FACEBOOK     TWITTER    INSTAGRAM

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