Although I spend a lot of my time walking I enhance my strength and bone density with aerial arts and circus as well as weekly Pilates classes with Elaine Woolstenholme of the Pilates Studio.


I stick with Elaine as she is a true professional, she changes the classes every week I’m there and she knows each of her regular client’s needs so well that she can tailor make each class to our strengths (and often our weaknesses to make sure we work hard!)

Circus is incredible. The space at Gordon Street is fab, custom built. Belfast Community Circus School.

Circus makes me laugh out loud, challenges my fears, makes me stronger and it’s a wonderful bunch of people. I only discovered it when my daughter did classes so I have been going since she was four and have improved my musculature and well-being hugely! I used to suffer from lower back pain and now don’t! Pilates, Walking and Circus. The perfect trio.

Walk happy with Nikki

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