The Argory Book fair was last weekend so that was the excuse to Walkitoff with the family. Unfortunately I encountered serious animosity when it came to my photography efforts and nearly every photo was ‘bombed’. Hence “Aargh”. Resistance was absolutely futile as “the child” is almost as tall as me and very strong. On the plus side, I laughed so hard that my sides ached, tears streaked my cheeks, and I was completely powerless to retaliate. The American who wandered into the bower as I was contorted with laughter, looked VERY confused.

I did get one or two pics when the child was suspended from the rope swing high above the ground, however, and we had a lovely time strolling by the Blackwater. Many many many books were critiqued. Several were purchased and the fashion shock at the skimpy 80’s Pilates leotards, diminished gradually as we munched on delicious cherry scones, seated outside The Courtyard Café.

40 minutes out of Belfast, Walkitoff in NI with me at The Argory by prior arrangement. Contact with any questions. Ciao for now, Nikki

The Argory, Dungannon

Walks at the Argory

Free entry 9th September Visiting the Argory

River Blackwater Canoe Trail

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