Fabulous coastal trip at the weekend. 33 went mad in Portrush. 3 walkeditoff in Portstewart. Famous for the ‘golf coast’, our venture did not disappoint. Adventure and laughter, kidultz and tweens cavorting blithely on the beach and in the water. The incredible rich flavour of succulent just-caught mackerel, cooked on the beach. A conga line of kayaks, body boards, surfboards and strangers, reaching across the bay in a string of giggles and guffaws. Troggs Portrush wetsuit, kayak and board hire

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After the obligatory fish & chip supper and trip to the bacchanalian hell that is Barry’s Amusements, everyone peeled off back to Belfast except we three, who sauntered smugly to our sea-view bedroom in a local hotel.

Birthday began with a full Irish breakfast (no yeuchy baked beans for me!) and a short drive to Portstewart Strand, the beautiful sandy beach stretching it’s long golden fingers up the Antrim coast. We walked off our breakfast surrounded by walkers, galloping dogs, digging children and the noise of the crashing waves, perfect for the surfers and boarders who dotted their crests.

Topped off the perfect morning with creamy rich and tasty Harry’s Shack coffee served by a bouncy barista singing Brittany. Promised myself the next time we’ll come for beer on the beach then dinner.

Harry’s Shack Michelin review

Portstewart Strand National Trust Walk

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