Belfast, Tranquil, River, Lagan, Minnowburn, Coffee, HangoverA week of decision-making and holiday plans. (House extension in process-chaos reigns supreme!). Sunday morning I walked it off  at Minnowburn and was rewarded with an elegantly feathered heron, marching along the river bed in time with my steps.  They are such leggy birds and so reminiscent of Chinoiserie and Japanese art, it is hard to believe they are indigenous.  The fresh air was much needed as Saturday night was a fabulous catch-up with friends where the gin flowed a tad too freely.  (The walk STARTED with a coffee so you can tell I needed a wee kick to start me off).  Piccolo Mondo do a lovely coffee and the sweet pea on the table looked gorgeous.  Nearly freaked in the afternoon when Mum, post BBQ, suggested a plant in my garden might be Japanese Knotweed! (It was a worry that had been bubbling under my subconscious for a while too as I am a very relaxed gardener and self-seeding is generally how the garden is populated!) Mum couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just take a photo and have google immediately identify the plant species.  I scoffed “it’s not that easy”.  But found a free app.  And it was that easy.  Quick photo, uploaded to the site, 10 mins later, confirmation that it is actually Himalayan Honeysuckle. (Shame I had already ripped one up in panic but the big one in the pot survives!).  Brilliant app called SmartPlant™ did the trick.  Off to Walkitoff in NI.  Join me?  Ciao Nikki@walkitoff.

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