Luckily our 15 year old does not seem to be struggling as yet but when I was bedridden with a migraine and sickness yesterday, the family were understandably worried, especially as it was 6 days after hubby arrived home (he is a pilot so could be classed as a high-spreader). He moved bedrooms, we did not touch, it was hard but it was only 2 days!

Adjusting to new routines


I have had loads of lovely messages and reignited connections since my last blog, so ‘Hi’ and ‘Thanks!’. The new routine starts slightly later than it always did, and it’s now the dog that gets us up. Cup of tea and a catch up online then 15yo up and family breakfast 9ish. 15yo then works for a couple of hours while we do too (we spent this morning setting up a study for her so cleared 5 years of bank statements and miscellany and did loads of cleaning). Online Pilates, Zoom meeting then grass cutting and home-cooking ensued. Followed by a lovely walk together-keeping well away from everybody but making sure to say ‘Hello’ and be friendly.

My Clients Are Amazing!

I have been working on this blog in my head and thinking about my lovely clients, how the Walk It Off NI Experiences are so surprisingly life-affirming for me as well. It is so satisfying to get a group together and watch them connect and relax in the open air. I miss it. And the new experiences are fantastic. I’m very proud of my collaborations and the beauty and variety of this area.

Proud to Pause

But I must cancel. Even though the experiences are all partly outside and we could have socially-distanced safely, dining together or crafting together will not work. But it’s just a pause, for the common good. It’s a necessity. Belts are tightened, life is simplified. The shape of the future is uncertain. But Walk It Off NI is proud to pause. #proudtopause #stayathome. #isolatedNOTalone #socialdistance #nhsheroes

#coronawellbeingnetwork #weareallinthistogether #walk #family #network #tips #coronavirus #covid19 #workingfromhome

*Walk If Off NI is planning to develop it‘s Experiences post isolation and our plans include, shared reading, birding, foraging, planting and more! Please get in touch if you are interested in walking with us or working with us, let’s Walk if Off together. ?

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