Reasons to be Kind, Kindness is Catching,

A Situation Unlike Any Other

This situation is unlike any other we have experienced. It is simultaneously a collective and an individual reaction, changing all the time. People are responding in unexpectedly generous ways. The only sure thing is that we are all going to be changed by this.


After being completely overwhelmed by fear at the start of this crisis, I’ve had a series of good, productive, if a bit distracted, days. Organising and cleaning things outside while things organised themselves inside. I have learned to navigate the news and sift out the sensationalism and downright lies and #BeKind.

The Power of Kindness

Walk It Off NI believes in the power of connection, kindness and the strength of the outdoors. We are constantly striving to bring you the gen on the science to back-up our convictions. Listening to Professor David Hamilton was therefore an excellent way to start the day. His research on the way kindness directly affects physical health is fascinating. If you would like to share this image, please just ask. Here is the link to Prof Hamilton’s website. Well worth having a read and spreading a little happiness.

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