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If you do just one thing this year, make it outdoors.

‘Have the spirit to start again from this moment’. Support your health with a walk [...]

Gift Vouchers

Walk it Off NI is now offering Gift Vouchers for sale.

New! Guided Walking and Gourmet Food Tour, It’s Unique!

Join Nikki of Walk It Off NI for a Guided Walking and Food tour, a [...]

Hidden Huntley

Hidden Huntley - a unique experience. Join a curated walk to a beautiful destination off [...]

#Summer season of #Colour

Summer is the season of #colour. Experience it slowly, experience it #walking, truly breathe it [...]

Why #Walk? Why #Move?

Why walk? Why move? Your body, every body needs it!

Food! (Is it lunchtime yet?!)

Eating well and moving often has huge benefits for overall well-being, sleep, and mental and [...]

Make a #walk part of your day.

I am a huge advocate of just getting out the door. Once you are out [...]

Walkitoffni Interview 7.1.19

I wrote a piece on the birth of Walkitoffni for the marvellous @NITrekking please have [...]

Walkitoff Wednesday!

Walk it off Wednesday - add a walk to your day with Walk it off [...]

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