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Take time to Look

Do you ever think about looking around and how much effect just pausing and taking [...]

Sometimes you just need to put one foot in front of the other…

Rest and relaxation can be hard won but they are so vital for physical and [...]

The Perfect Trio

Circus makes me laugh out loud, challenges my fears, makes me stronger and it's a [...]

Smell the Roses!

A riot of colour, the Lady Dixon roses really are amazing and also world-leading (who [...]


Choose shady paths or take a dip in the cool seas, lakes or rivers. We [...]

I like to move it!

Walking is an eco-friendly and low-impact but high return activity proven to improve head health, [...]

Ethical and Sustainable? Tell me more!

Walking is wonderful exercise and you can do it pretty much any place, any time. [...]

He likes me!

It's amazing what you discover when you walk with Walkitoffni. New friends!


In the frenetic world of fitness apps and goal-setting, I make a space for women, [...]

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