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Visiting the Aargh ory

On the plus side, I laughed so hard that my sides ached, tears streaked my [...]

33 go mad in Portrush

Fabulous coastal trip at the weekend. 33 went mad in Portrush. 3 walkeditoff in Portstewart. [...]

Filthy Tricksy Gobbinses

Seaspray salty, Gannets diving, rocky and fresh

Walking it off in Beds

Flotsam of butterflies and cloud scudding skies

Dipping toes

Antrim Castle Gardens, sunlit, river

Slick Streets and Art Shows

Sports Day happened on the rainiest day of the year.  How typical is that?  The [...]

Weird plants and hangovers 

A week of decision-making and holiday plans. (House extension in process-chaos reigns supreme!). Sunday morning [...]

Bog snorkelling and horses asses

20 minutes up the hill out of Belfast there is the very wild and usually [...]

Walkitoffni “Hi”

This week the drama of the chairs caused me to seriously need to Walkitoff in [...]

Newcastle distractions

This weekend I flew away to Newcastle upon Tyne to have fun with my Bestie. Drove [...]

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